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enDice is on the iPhone!

2010-06-29 17:47:30 by soapaintnice

enDice is available on the iPhone:

enDice is on the iPhone!

60s to Save the Queen

2010-06-25 16:18:24 by soapaintnice

After working on so many different plat-formers, I have finally released one. '60 Seconds to Save the Queen' is an accumulation of everything I have learned from my experiments with plat-formers over the years. This game uses the flixel engine, which gave me more time to focus on what I was going to do instead of how I was going to do it. I spent over 2 weeks designing, testing, and redesigning each level so they were each a unique challenge that could be mastered over time. My initial inspiration was from a game called Queens by Noonat, but I mainly drew from Mario and Mega Man for most of the development. There are some things I know I could have done better, but thats what sequels are for.

If you haven't already, give '60 Seconds to Save the Queen' a try.

60s to Save the Queen

Hey everyone,

My second enDice game was released yesterday called enDice Complete. I've been getting a lot of requests to open up my games for people to make their own levels. For enDice Complete, I included a level editor and have decided to make a Players Pack. Anyone who wants to participate, follow the instructions below:

1. Beat any 5 levels to unlock the Level Editor in enDice Complete.
2. Make a puzzle using the Editor.
2. Click 'Save' at the bottom-right of the editor screen.
3. Copy the 'Save Code' in the white text box.
4. Paste the code in a reply to this topic.

1. Puzzles MUST be solvable.
2. Create as many puzzles as you like, I may choose more than one puzzle per person.
3. Puzzles may either be submitted here in the comments, through PM, or to my email: soapaintnice[at]

For the Players Pack, it will showcase about 40 - 50 puzzles made by players. When the person is playing your puzzle, it will show your username somewhere at the bottom corner of the screen. I don't have a date yet on when the enDice Players Pack is coming out. It all depends on how many puzzles are posted.

Get creative and have fun :)

enDice Complete: Players Pack

Released a New Game: Caps

2009-10-09 11:31:53 by soapaintnice

Just finished uploading my new game, Caps. It's a puzzle game based on the Peg Solitaire games you find at restaurants and bars. Actually, I came up with the idea while at the bar. And to think that bar tenders just throw those caps away. Well, Caps is an excuse to keep them and gives you something to do while your waiting for a friend, a band, or a friends band to play (like I was).

Hopefully, this is my last puzzle game for a while. I'm working on getting a platformer out next. It's not a new area for me, but the reason I haven't released one yet is because they never pan out. Wish me luck.

I just released Open Doors 2 on here. I'm really happy with how it came out. Overall it's an accumulation of what I've learned from the games I made after the original. Also, I used the reviews and comments I received to help guide me into making the game what is. I have so many ideas for another sequel (like a level editor). But that won't be for a while ;)

I'm also working on the iPhone version. I'm going to put brand new levels in it and make the controls much easier than the original game for the iPhone.

Open Doors is on the iPhone! For FREE!!!

2009-02-05 22:25:04 by soapaintnice

Thanks to Armor Games, Open Doors is on the iPhone/iPod Touch! And better yet, IT'S FOR FREE!!! Here's the link. Please rate and review it if you like it.

iPhone Open Doors

BTW: Open Doors 2 is in the works. I plan to have it out beginning of March :)


2008-11-25 15:11:42 by soapaintnice

I just submitted enDice, a puzzle game where you move dice into zones. I had so many puzzles made for it, that I had a hard time picking the best ones. I'll be making a sequel in a few months. I have lots of ideas for it. :)

Just Released Neon Layers

2008-06-23 14:32:34 by soapaintnice

I just submitted Neon Layers to the portal. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)

Developing At Full Speed

2008-03-24 23:58:47 by soapaintnice

Working on several games at the moment. Open Doors had great success compared to my last two games (which I have deleted) and I'm eager to release a new one. Currently, Open Doors is at 11,065 views and has a 3.37 score. My goal is to have people play this next game more than they played Open Doors. It would also be cool if the score was higher too. Well, that's my goal. The new game is scheduled for release at the end of the month.